Tunisia, Meloni “The agreement with the Monetary Fund is fundamental”

TUNIS (TUNISIA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – “In full respect of Tunisian sovereignty, I told President Saied of the efforts that a friendly country like Italy is making to reach a positive conclusion to the agreement between Tunisia and the International Monetary Fund, which remains fundamental for the strengthening and the full recovery of the country”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Made this statement following the meeting in Tunis with Tunisian President Kais Saied.
For Meloni “a pragmatic approach is needed, taking into consideration how the IMF operates”.
“It is essential to strengthen cooperation in the fight against irregular migration. The approach cannot be solely a security one”, she continued.
“We have done an excellent job so far together with Tunisia, arrivals of migrants in Italy have significantly decreased in May compared to March and April,” Meloni said. She added, “clearly the most difficult season from this point of view is about to begin, and we can only be concerned for the next few months and we believe that our common work must be intensified”.
She also mentioned that with President Saied, it was also discussed the proposition of an international conference in Rome on the issue of migration and development”.

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Source: medNews