Mediterranean, 400 migrants in distress. 25 others risking drowning

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – 400 migrants are in distress in the south of Sicily. This was confirmed by the international NGO Alarm Phone. The Ngo added that it is in contact with a group of migrants traveling on a big fishing vessel. “They say they are exhausted and out of food and drinking water after the long journey,” said Alarm Phone in a tweet, adding that, “they ask for urgent rescue!”. Meanwhile, the Ngo SeaWatch accused the Maltese authorities of giving orders to a merchant vessel to continue with its voyage despite a boat with 25 migrants who are in distress in the Mediterranean risking drowning. This was also confirmed by the Ngo Alarm Phone saying that the 25 migrants on board are already fetching water out of the boat. SeaWatch tweeted that the merchant ship Merv Marseille operated by Maersk was originally on its way to the boat but was ordered by Malta to move on. It also said that two other merchant ships were close to the boat in distress and were ordered to move on by Malta’s rescue coordination center. SeaWatch alerted the authorities that migrants are drowning and accused the European Union of not only does not rescue but actively preventing it.

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Source: medNews