Malta with the highest increase in building permits in the EU

LA VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Malta has registered the highest increase in building permits issued in 2022 from all European Union member states. This was confirmed by the EU’s statistical office.
Malta experienced a 29.4% increase in building permits last year, while the registered average in the EU experienced a decline of 4.5%. The number of building permits issued decreased in 18 EU states, while the number rose in only nine countries including, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy, and at the top of the table, Malta.
The Maltese government and the entities responsible for the planning issues has recently been at the centre of widespread criticism which led to a national protest attended by thousands of protesters demanding planning reform and an end to environmental destruction.
The Maltese Finance Minister Clyde Caruana warned that Maltàs population must grow to 800,000 by 2040 for the current economic model to be sustained. Following this statement, the Economy Minister added that Maltàs economic model is being adjusted to attract foreign investment that takes up less land and requires fewer workers to generate economic growth.

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Source: medNews