Malta, EU must realize the urgency of the migration problem

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that there is no need for hundreds of migrants to perish in order for the European Union to comprehend the urgency of this problem as he reflected on the deaths of hundreds of refugees off Greece in what is one of the worst sea tragedies in the Mediterranean in recent years.
During an interview on the Labour Party radio station, Robert Abela also described migration as a common challenge for Malta and Italy, two neighbouring countries, while adding as “crucial” the joint efforts with Italy and Mediterranean countries for this challenge against criminal groups to be addressed by everyone.
Meanwhile, the Maltese Premier announced he will be visiting Libya this week for talks with Libyan Prime Minister Dbeibeh on migration and energy, among other issues. Abela declared that the Government’s vision is for the building of a bridge between Africa and the European Union, adding he sees potential for corridors of clean energy that can link Europe with the potential of renewable energy in neighbouring North African countries.
On migration, Abela said that Malta and Italy agree that human trafficking is putting pressure on both countries, adding that there is a need for the necessary tools to be provided by the European Union, so that countries like Libya and Tunisia will also join in the fight against organised crime.
Abela insisted that the strongest measure was preventing the arrival of migrants in the first place, adding that doing so required preventing departures from countries in North Africa. He called for increased investment in migrants’ and asylum seekers’ countries of origin to provide their inhabitants with an “opportunity for a better tomorrow” in their native lands.
The Maltese Prime Minister insisted on the importance of a united response in the European fora. “We persevered in our message, and have since been joined by Italy, particularly once Meloni became Italy’s prime minister… and with the help of Greece and Cyprus, our message began to be transmitted strongly,” he said. “Now the issue is not only being discussed more frequency at the European Council, but we are also seeing more concrete hopes of a united response”.
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Source: medNews