Malta and Italy discuss new energy initiatives and migration

ROME (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela and his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni met for more than an hour in Palazzo Chigi in Rome. During the official talks, both leaders discussed various issues of interest including the energy sector, immigration, and defence.
Prime Minister Abela described the meeting with Prime Minister Meloni as cordial and declared that the talks will yield more cooperation in areas that are beneficial to both sides.
Italian Prime Minister Meloni said that the meeting with Prime Minister Abela continues to strengthen the work and the political, historical and cultural ties between the two countries who share common positions during official meetings of European leaders in Brussels.
The discussion focused on the energy sector, with the Maltese Prime Minister announcing that a technical group will be set up to see that the second interconnector project between Malta and Ragusa is carried out. He referred to other initiatives involving renewable energy projects between Europe and Africa from which both Malta and Italy can benefit.
“We eagerly await the implementation of this EU funded project and I am delighted to announce a joint technical group to facilitate and oversee its fruition without delays,” said the Maltese Prime Minister. He added “we believe that energy interconnections with North Africa, especially the benefits of solar and with energy should be our main focus. We eagerly anticipate collaboration with Italy.”
The Italian Prime Minister emphasized the need for Malta and Italy to collaborate more on projects that connect the two countries as far as energy is concerned. “We have been collaborating on energy, thanks to Italian companies, with links between the two countries, on Mediterranean and EU levels. The infrastructural issue consists of closer cooperation and common work for the future of Europe. This is important for diversification and security in energy such as gas, hydrogen, and renewable energy,” declared Giorgia Meloni
Regarding immigration, the Italian Prime Minister said that she is hoping that the European Commission will help Tunisia financially so that, among others, the problem of immigration in the Mediterranean is addressed. “We discussed the fact that without defending the European external borders, it would be difficult to talk and address secondary movements,” declared Meloni, while adding, “the challenge is to work on primary movements to solve the problem of secondary movements.” She said that over the recent years, there was good collaboration between Malta and Italy which led to change in the principles by which the EU Commission addresses and decides.
The Maltese Prime Minister referred to immigration as a common challenge for both countries that requires solidarity from the other European countries, while he stressed agreements that should be reached with countries such as Tunisia and Libya. “Migration should not be Italy’s or Maltàs challenge to fend for ourselves. It is a European challenge. We have voiced our concerns that migration requires a holistic European solution,” said Robert Abela, while adding, “I extend my gratitude to Giorgia Meloni, Ursola Von der Leyen, and Mark Rutte for their work with Tunisia focusing on both economic development and important reforms that benefit both Tunisia and the EU itself.” He said that a similar approach should be adopted with other countries like Libya.

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Source: medNews