Malta will introduce gender re-affirmation surgery for trans people

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese government has launched the third strategy and action plan for the equality of LGBTIQ+ people for the next five years until 2027.
The strategy includes 94 measures in health, education, family, sport and other areas. The Parliamentary Secretary for Equality, Rebecca Buttigieg, explained that the strategy addresses the social realities and is also aimed to address discrimination against the LGBTIQ+ community.
According to this action plan, the Maltese government will be introducing gender re- affirmation surgery which is an operation for trans people who want their gender identity and expression to be aligned with their sex.
The strategy includes measures against hate speech and the spread of misinformation to foster a more inclusive society where every person can enjoy fundamental rights.
Some other measures will focus on promoting the reporting crimes against LGBTIQ+ persons as well as the provision of inclusive training to police officers and security guards.
This is the third National Strategy and Action Plan for LGBTIQ+. The launch of the plan comes a week after ILGA Europe flagged the fact that Malta’s previous national action plan (2018-2022) had not yet been renewed.
Despite this, Malta still ranks number one in Europe for LGBTIQ protection and human rights. In recent years, Malta made huge strides forward in improving legal and policy frameworks that impact the lives of LGBTIQ people. LGBTIQ+ people can now get married, adopt, and donate blood.

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Source: medNews