Malta, prison for an Egyptian for sexually abusing an Italian tourist

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – 34-year-old Egyptian Najah Agheez, the man who admitted to sexually assaulting Italian local councillor Lara Ali Shahin, has been sent to four years and six months in prison. The court ordered the deportation of Agheez, once the Egyptian will serve his four and a half year sentence.
Last month, the accused pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the victim in a hotel at St. Paul’s Bay, where she was staying while on holiday in Malta. He also plead guilty to harassing her, instilling fear in her, stealing a mobile phone of a man and breaching conditions imposed on him by the Courts in a previous case. The victim, Lara Ali Shahin, is a teacher and member of the local council of Susegana in Veneto, had recounted the ordeal to the media. She was staying at a hotel in Bugibba for a weekend holiday in Malta, and was at a nearby pub when she was approached by a man who was roughly her age, who made advances that she refused. But as she returned to the hotel later in the evening, she came across the same man, who claimed to be staying in the same hotel and on the same floor. He followed her into her room and assaulted her, leaving her screaming for help. As a result, the staff at the hotel was alerted, and a night porter went to the room and stopped the man, who fled. The Egyptian was identified by the Police after he was captured on security footage. (ITALPRESS).

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