Malta, flights diverted to Sicily due to bad weather

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Various flights coming to Malta were diverted to Sicilian airports as bad weather conditions hit Malta’s international airport on Sunday evening, making it unsafe for planes to land. Flights leaving the island were also badly hit and delayed. The planes were diverted because of low visibility caused by the desert sand coming from the Sahara region and strong winds which could destabilise the aircraft. Malta International Airport confirmed that three flights were diverted to Catania and another to Palermo. The flights diverted to Catania were coming from Naples, Berlin and Paris while the flight diverted to Palermo was on its way to Malta from Paris. According to local reports, passengers on one of the flights reported heavy turbulence on the plane as it was reaching Malta, forcing the pilot to land in Catania. All four flights returned to Malta some four hours after the scheduled arrival time. Although an African cyclone is not expected to hit Malta on Monday evening, strong winds with gusts between Force 5 and 7 are expected to lash the Maltese islands. (ITALPRESS).


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Source: medNews