Malta eyes Chine to export tuna

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Malta is seriously considering to start exporting tuna to China and change its exportation policy which at the moment depends on Japan. This was confirmed in Parliament by the fishing minister Anton Refalo. He declared that almost all tuna reared in Maltese fish farms is exported to Japan. He added that Malta needs to explore new countries where to export its tuna product. “Currently, 95% of Maltàs tuna goes to Japan, Refalo said,” describing the situation as problematic for this industry. While adding that in most occasions Japan re-exports Maltese aquaculture products to China for much higher prices,” Refalo declared that it should be Malta that exports its tuna to China. He also said that Malta should rear more fish species in its fish farms to further diversify the industry, adding that fish feed should also be organic for the industry to be more sustainable. Seven aquaculture operators in seven locations are operating in Malta. A total 16,410 tonnes of fish worth €210 million were sold by Maltese fish farms in 2021, according to the National Statistics Office.



Source: medNews