Malta asks Europol’s help for wanted Sicilian man on drug trafficking

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese authorities are searching for an Italian national accused with drug trafficking and is thought to have escaped from Malta.
V.P. 37, has failed to appear before a Maltese court last Friday, leaving the Maltese authorties to seek Europol’s help to find the Italian man who is also accused with the involvement in a criminal organisation.
V.P. was arrested together with A.S., 38, by Maltàs police force following information received in November 2020, that a fishing vessel named ‘Lucy B’ would be importing drugs.
On the 25th of November two persons were observed on a boat which entered the Marsascala harbour. Upon searching the boat, the police found 44kg of cannabis. Potenza turned out to be captaining the vessel which had departed from Sicily.
V.P. was arraigned on the 27th November, and was later released on bail.
The accused, both resident in Malta, were apprehended by the Police authorities in a combined operation between the Anti-Drug Squad and the Rapid Intervention Unit, when the Police surrounded the vessel in Marsascala.
The Police also arrested another Italian national, a 54-year-old, who had been waiting for them on the jetty.
The cannabis was discovered in several plastic bags which were in six cloth sacks concealed in various parts of the launch. The market value of the drug is about 750,000 euro. Searches also carried out at the Italians’ residence yielded a small amount of the cannabis plant and a white substance, allegedly cocaine.

– foto: polizia maltese


Source: medNews