48 migrants saved off the Libyan coast

TRIPOLI (ITALPRESS/MNA) – 48 migrants were rescued by a container ship off the coast of Libya and will be brought to Pozzallo. This was confirmed by the international NGO Alarm Phone.
The NGO announced that it was relieved that the container ship ‘Cape Franklin’ rescued the boat in distress. The MRCC in Rome coordinated the rescue operation.
Alarm Phone said that during the night, the NGO established direct contact with the group of migrants. “Moments ago, they called us in panic, reporting high waves and saying that their boat was about to sink!” Alarm Phone released an immediate appeal to the authorities “don’t let them drown!” and to rescue the migrants to safety without delay.
A relative informed Alarm Phone about the boat with 48 migrants on board a boat that left from Benghazi and had problems with the engine and that a storm with heavy winds was expected.
– photo agenziafotogramma.it-

Source: medNews