Ukraine, Mattarella “Europès peace is at stake”

ROME (ITALPRESS/MNA) – “Italy will provide Ukraine with support as long as it is necessary and requested from every point of view, because not only the independence of the country is at stake, but also the future of peace in Europe. Other aggressions and attacks would follow We cannot allow this.” This was stated by the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella, in Bratislava, after the meeting with the Slovak President Zuzana Caputova.
Mattarella also answered a question about disinformation “which is fueled by a constant activity of the Russian Federation”. “It affects all countries, even in Italy,” explained the Italian Head of State, describing it as “an insidious action that must be countered more effectively and with more efficient tools than those put in place up to now”.
“This requires an awareness and responsibility of law enforcement instruments on the part of the European Union and NATO in an effective manner”, added Mattarella.

– photo press office Quirinale –


Source: medNews