Tunisia prevented several departures of migrants to Italy

TUNIS (TUNISIA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – During the last hours, 15 boats full of migrants fled from Tunisia towards Italy, however some of the boats were stopped by the Tunisian authorities. This was confirmed by the international NGO Alarm Phone in an alert via Twitter confirming that it is also aware of more boats are preparing to leave from the Tunisian coasts.
Alarm Phone said that some of the boats were intercepted by the Tunisian authorities, preventing them from crossing the Mediterranean Sea. It added that the Tunisian authorities removed the engines from other boats and migrants left abandoned. The NGO urged the Tunisian authorities to stop this assault on people who are trying to escape from Tunisia which is considered dangerous and safe following the recent political developments and the economic situation which is in a bad state.
Earlier, Alarm Phone confirmed that a group of 38 migrants were adrift off Al Amra. The southeastern coastal town which is around 250 km away from Tunis is one of the departure points for migrants in their attempt to start a clandestine voyage to Italy.
Alarm phone was alerted by a group of people who tried to flee Tunisia but got attacked by the Tunisian National Guard who stole the engine. The NGO urged the authorities to stop this violence and to launch an immediate rescue operation.

– photo Agenziafotogramma.it –


Source: medNews