Malta SAR region, another group of 400 migrants in distress

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) (ITALPRESS) – The international NGO Sea Watch said that another boat with about 400 people on board was spotted in the Maltese search and rescue area by the aircraft Seabird 2 crew. Sea Watch confirmed that it has launched a mayday relay while it is monitoring the scene together with an Italian Air Force aircraft. The NGO added that a rescue operation is needed immediately. On Monday evening, the Italia coast guard escorted another fishing boat, with around 400 migrants, after it spent days drifting in the Mediterranean. The Armed Forces of Malted have said that the migrants aboard the fishing boat which was drifting between Malta, Italy and Greecès Search and Rescue Zone did not request to be rescued. “Written communication received by the AFM from the ship captain providing duty of care confirms that no rescue was requested by the people on board,” a spokesperson said. However, the rescue NGO Sea Watch claimed Malta ordered a merchant vessel not to rescue a group of 400 migrants, and just supply them with fuel.
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Source: medNews