Malta considering the use of hydrogen to produce energy

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Maltàs Minister for Energy, Miriam Dalli said that the government is exploring possibilities of using hydrogen to produce energy. She confirmed the government’s targets to move towards decarbonization and to reach the European environmental targets. Hydrogen is a cheap source and pollutes the least, and according to foreign experts, Malta is even able to create the hydrogen it potentially uses itself.
Minister Dalli, who was addressing a conference that dealt with renewable energy and ESG criteria, urged the business community to invest more in renewable energy while using more sustainable models by taking measures to lower pollution, CO2 output, and reduce waste. However, she mentioned how businesses are following the Government’s strategy to switch to clean energy, with a drastic reduction in costs and resulting in more profits.
By 2030, it is predicted that the price of hydrogen will be very cheap, and it would cost Malta much less to generate energy. Serbian climate change expert Dr Srdjan Sokolovic said that the price of hydrogen will be around $3 per kilogram, adding “in the future, Malta could start its own production of hydrogen, or it could import it to use with the LNG ship or a pipeline between Malta and Sicily, the hydrogen could be used in the production of electricity, at the beginning with a mixture of gas, maybe 5%, or it could go in the future even 100%.”

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