Malta and Spain discuss the challenges facing Europe

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Maltàs Prime Minister Robert Abela and Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez met on Tuesday night in Valletta and addressed a joint press conference during which they both discussed the international situation and the challenges facing Europe.
Sanchez arrived in Malta from Cyprus as part of a series of official meetings with European leaders, in preparation before Spain holding the Council of the European Union Presidency between July and December. Today, the Spanish Prime Minister will be meeting in Rome the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.
In Valletta, Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela spoke on the importance of world peace, while referring to the war in Ukraine, the conflict in Syria, as well as the situation in Libya, Lebanon and Tunisia. He reiterated the need to assist these countries, to avoid people being trafficked. He added that irregular immigration remains an ongoing pressure, and that commerce is the key for these countries to develop.
Maltàs Prime Minister referred to inflation, including energy and food prices, saying that these are challenges that Europe is facing. On the energy sector, Abela said that the Maltese Government has supported families and businesses.
Referring to the economy, PM Abela said that the Maltese government does not believe in austerity, and that prior to the figures, lo there are people, and the Government feels an obligation to provide them with a better quality of life.
Abela expressed his hope that equality is given a push forward during Spain’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. He declared Maltàs commitment to support Spain during its Presidency.
On his part, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that the concept of an open economy needs to be pushed forward.
Sanchez expressed the need for good governance in economy and a structured energy plan. He added that European countries need to be more competitive on the green economy and technology.
Sanchez said that Spain’s Presidency falls on challenging times, in light of the war in Ukraine, among others and emphasized on the importance of a more united EU.
On immigration, Sanchez said that a balance must be struck between helping people in need and looking out for the national interest.

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Source: medNews