Finland joins NATO, Stoltenberg “Historic day”

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Finland becomes the 31st member of NATO. The membership becomes effective following the meeting of the foreign ministries of the Atlantic Alliance held on April, 4.
“Today is a historic day, we welcome Finland. On this very day, in 1949, the Treaty establishing NATO was signed in Washington,” said the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg.
“And it is hard to imagine a better way to celebrate our anniversary than by having Finland become a full member of the Alliance,” he continued.
“NATO foreign ministers met at a crucial moment for our security, with President Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine,” adding, “I expect that when the allies meet at the summit in Vilnius, will accept a more ambitious defense investment commitment, in which we consider 2% of the GDP for defense as only the minimum. We need to invest more in our safety, in a world that is more dangerous”.
Furthermore, “China and Russia are getting closer and closer, work together, and it becomes even more obvious that we have to stay together with our partners in the Indo-Pacific,” Stoltenberg said.

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Source: medNews