Air Malta will not employ more workers, staff reduced by two-thirds

LA VALLETA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Maltàs national airline, Air Malta, will not be employing more people despite that recently it was advertising new job opportunities. Finance Minister Clyde Caruana assured Parliament that the current level of staff is perfect for Air Mata to operate eight aircrafts. He confirmed that Air Maltàs workforce was reduced to 375 from 1,000 employees. Malta is expected to have a new national airline by the end of the year. Recently, Air Maltàs Chairman David Curmi declared that the airline will close by the end of 2023 and will be replaced by a new national airline. Minister Caruana told Parliament that Malta will continue to have a national airline, however, he did not go into details. The Finance Minister only added that there are ongoing discussions between the Maltese government and the European Commission. The European Commission is not expected to give the go-ahead for more state aid. Although the Maltese government is requesting the European Commission to approve an aid of around 300 million euros, the Maltese Finance Minister declared that “this long-drawn saga has cost the country a lot of money” while adding that the Maltese government needs to be certain that with the decision taken, the problems faced by the airline will be concluded once and for all”.
-photo credit Air Malta-

Source: medNews