Air Malta, 60,8 million euros spent on schemes on retirement schemes

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese government spent over €60.8 million in public funds in 2022 on the early retirement scheme and the voluntary retirement scheme which were offered to Air Maltàs staff as the national airline, Air Malta, sought to downsize its workforce in a bid to survive.
Maltàs Finance Minister Clyde Caruana said in Parliament that 351 workers received a payout under both schemes, and received €60.8 million – an average of over €173,000.
Air Maltàs Chairman David Curmi declared that a new airline would be replacing Air Malta by 2023, as had happened in Italy when Alitalia made way for ITA in 2021. However, this was not confirmed officially by the Maltese government and declared that there are still ongoing discussions on pending issues with the European Commission. However, the Commission is reported that it did not accept Maltàs request for state aid of around 300 million euro to make Air Malta viable.
Unions representing the workers are asking for urgent meeting with the government.

– photo press office Air Malta –


Source: medNews