500 migrants left abandoned in high seas in Maltàs SAR region

LA VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – 500 migrants are at risk in the Maltese search and rescue area with the weather conditions at sea are highly dangerous. This was confirmed by the international NGO Alarm Phone in a tweet.
The NGO confirmed that it has alerted authorities to immediately launch a rescue operation. According to Alarm Phone, it made contact with the 500 migrants who confirmed the very dangerous condutions including strong winds at 27 knots and high waves.
Alarm Phone declared the situation as “scarey” with the risk of migrants losing their lives. It also urged European authorities to launch a search and rescue operation without delay.
The NGO confirmed that it repeatedly reached out to the Italian Search and Rescue Centre giving updates about the urgent distress facing this group of migrants. However, the Italian authorities directed Alarm Phone to contact the Maltese Search and Rescue Centre in Valletta as it is considered as the “responsible authority”. Alarm Phone urged all authorities “to live up to their responsability” and “rescue the migrants without delay”.
-photo agenziafotogramma.it-

Source: medNews