Ukraine, Malta opt-in to secure ammunition despite its neutrailty

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Despite Maltàs constitutional neutrality, the Maltese government has opted-in to join the initiative by the European Defence Agency for the collaborative procurement of ammunition to top up stockpiles for Ukraine to combat the Russian military in occupied Ukranian territory.
However, the decision taken by the Maltese government was critizised by leftist organisations insisting that Malta should not have signed up the agreement that will provide military aid to Ukraine and will only lead to further escalation of war, instead of working for a UN peace agreement.
The Maltese government referred to the Foreign Affairs EU Council meeting attending by Maltese Foreign Minister Ian Borg and Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri and reiterated that Malta would continue to support the Ukrainian people “primarily through humanitarian provisions and other products”. The statement highlighted that “Malta joined several other member states in an initiative led by the European Defence Agency in order to make a joint purchase of various types of ammunition”, adding that “through this initiative, Malta will benefit from economies of scale and security of supply for the resources of the Armed Forces of Malta”.
The initiative was designed specifically to allow neutral EU members to participate. At present, the European Defence Agency brings together all EU member states except for Denmark, which benefited from an opt-out.

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Source: medNews