Tunisia, Sub-Saharan migrants fleeing racial attacks

TUNIS (TUNISIA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Hundreds of Sub-Saharan migrants already left Tunisia and many others are being urged by their governments to return to their home country following anti-migrant declarations made by the President of Tunisia Kais Saied in an official speech two weeks ago.
Saied called for ending the flow of migrants, describing them as “hordes of illegal immigrants” from sub-Saharan Africa into his country, saying irregular migration aims to change Tunisiàs demography and it’s a threat to the country.
Many African countries including the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali and Gabon are organizing charter flights to assist their citizens to leave Tunisia as they have been the target of an increase in racist attacks. Scores of African migrants are waiting outside the International airport of Tunis together with their belongings waiting for the repatriation flights organized by their respective governments. Many others have been queueing at their nations’ embassies, hoping to return to their country.
In various Tunisian cities there were reports that the police have detained hundreds of African migrants, including women and children, others were beaten, stabbed, verbally assaulted, and evicted by landlords. Some are staying in makeshift tents outside the headquarters of the International Organization for Migration.
Meanwhile, the World Bank halted future collaboration work with the government of Tunisia and the African Union has postponed a conference that was scheduled in Tunisia this month.
There are only around 21,000 Black migrants in Tunisia out of a population of 12 million people; about 0.17 percent.

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Source: medNews