Migrants, increasing departures of ivorians from Tunisia to Italy

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS / MNA) – The increase in the arrivals of migrants in Italy is led by the Ivorians who are buying fishing boats to leave Tunisia. According to statistics released by the United Nations, around 12,000 of this year’s 20,000 arrivals come from Tunisia, up sharply from last year’s 1,000 arrivals. Ivorian migrants are among the sub-Saharan migrants who departed from the Tunisian port of Sfax, with more than 3,000 migrants from Còte d’Ivoire having set sail to reach Lampedusa. 1,500 sub-Saharan citizens were intercepted by the Tunisian coast guard in the second week of March alone. Tunisian traffickers are encouraging large numbers of sub-Saharans to leave Tunisia. Ivorian ambassador Ibrahim Sy Savane confirmed that hundreds of Ivorians have asked to be repatriated from Tunisia. According to official figures, there are around 21,000 undocumented migrants from other parts of Africa in Tunisia. The Ivorian community numbers around 7,000 people.
-credit photo agenziafotogramma.it-

Source: medNews