Mediterranean shipwreck, Malta will take two asylum seekers

VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Malta will take two asylum seekers who were saved from drowning and will undergo medical interventions at Malta’s general hospital.
The migrants were onboard a boat which was not in a good condition and in a very extremely dangerous weather conditions.
The migrants on board were yelling on their phones, telling the NGO Alarm Phone that they needed help and they will be brought on board of the cargo vessel ‘Froland’. The migrants were rescued by the merchant vessel and the pair were part of a larger group, some 30 of whom are still missing, feared dead.
The boat capsized whilst the asylum seekers were being rescued. A total of 17 migrants were saved. The merchant vessel will first stop in Malta to disembark the two individuals while the rest will be brought to Italy. The rescue operation was monitored by a Frontex aircarft and all merchant vessels in the area were alerted.
The NGO Alarm Phone confirmed that the migrants were in distress and first alerted the Italian authorities about an “urgent distress situation” of a boat northwest of Benghazi. At all times, the Maltese and Libyan authorities had been kept informed. The Italian authorities said that the rescue operation took place outside its search and rescue area, adding that the Libyan coastguard had been inactive.

Source: medNews