Mattarella “Africa-Europe cooperation against climate change”

NAIROBI (KENYA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – “The protection of the environment and the fight against climate change represent inevitable responsibilities, which fall on all humanity, without exception. That said, I am firmly convinced that on this issue, as well as on many others, Africa and Europe can and should jointly take the lead”. This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in his speech at the University of Nairobi, on the occasion of the state visit in Kenya.
“Cooperation between Europe and Africa – whose future is shared – is crucial for promoting ambitious goals,” said the Italian President, adding “Africa holds the essential keys for the success of strategies to de-carbonise the planet. Production of clean energy and its effective distribution are crucial for Africa’s development, as outlined in the African Union climate strategy”.
“The energy transition, with its emphasis on renewable energies and the circular economy, opens up new and promising horizons of collaboration for our continents. In this regard, with the establishment of a specific Climate Fund, Italy intends to propose itself as a leading player to intervene financially. From large projects for the use of solar and wind energy, to agriculture and the production of green hydrogen,” explained Materella, “the potential for the partnership between Africa and Europe is countless and highly promising.” Mattarella continued “the key to a lasting and shared success lies in strengthening awareness between Africa and Europe, a complementarity that such a complex historical phase makes it even more evident. We share the tension towards a new humanism, which places the man and his aspiration to live with dignity at the centre, nationally and internationally into more equitable, inclusive and sustainable societies”.
“It is the moment of unity, of cohesion, not of divisions between North and South, between East and West. Facing the human challenges, all together, means abandoning the scenarios of war and internal conflict that unfortunately weigh on the destinies of many populations and instead plan the future together,” the President underlined while referring to “the brutal aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine that is taking international relations back eighty years, almost as if the progress in the field of independence, freedom and democracy, the civil growth of many nations did not happen. Mattarella added “we have grown in the interdependence between our destinies and the consequences of the Russian Federation’s actions are very serious on food security, on the energy security of many countries, on peace, including the African continent, and the Middle East”.
“Combating climate change is a unifying objective that calls for multilateral dialogue, respect freely the commitments undertaken at an international level. The implementation of plans for the energy transition is in itself a way that can allow us to reach a fairer, more sustainable, more just global economic system,” said Mattarella. “It is a great opportunity to give life to balanced forms of international cooperation, which address the issue of development in a sustainable way, with the necessary technology transfer from the most advanced countries and the provision of the necessary financial resources for the benefit of the most vulnerable countries”.
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Source: medNews