Maltàs IT agency banned TikTok on all government electronic devices

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The national information technology agency in Malta has blocked the social media application TikTok on all government electronic devices over concerns that the software may be used as a means of spying and surveillance by groups linked to China and suspicions that data will be leaked to the Chinese government.
The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) said that the dangers related to TikTok access and use may be data gathering, personal identifiable, possible software tampering by TikTok and possible manipulation of material designed to influence public opinion.
The European Council and the European Parliament has instructed that TikTok should be removed from work devices by 20 March. The European Commission is of the opinion that TikTok spied on journalists by utilising their IP addresses. TikTok is used by over 250 millions European citizens.
The European authorities filed a series of complaints contesting the use of TikTok.
Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands and Romania opened investigations that are costing the social media platform millions in fines.
Some other European countries, like Belgium and Finland have completely restricted TikTok, other countries are assessing the situation before making a final decision. The United Kingdom, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Latvia, and Austria are all keeping an eye on the situation in neighbouring countries before making a decision. In Luxembourg, Bulgaria, and Poland TikTok is under investigation.

– photo Malta Information Technology Agency –


Source: medNews