Malta, the american ship Uss Nitze moors in the port of Valletta

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The American warship USS Nitze entered Valletta early this afternoon. The US Embassy in Malta said “the USS Nitze is a visual reminder of the American strong partnership to keep the Mediterranean safe and an opportunity for the Armed Forces of Malta and the U.S. Navy to share their maritime expertise.” The United States has been present in the Mediterranean since the early 19th century.
Tensions in the Mediterranean region had increased since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as Moscow added its military presence in the Mediterranean Sea by deploying more warships in the region. In the last two months there has been an increase in military vessels entering the Mediterranean. There is concern that it is always increasing due to an increase in Russian ships when in the region there is a strong presence of ships from NATO countries. The concern continued to grow as it was confirmed that the Russian ship Admiral Gorchkov, which is equipped with hypersonic missiles, is expected to enter the Mediterranean. This indicates that Russia has changed its strategy to send to the Mediterranean, not only ships that offer protection of territorial waters and coastal defense but also that have a capacity to fire missiles. In the last weeks in the Mediterranean there was the presence of the Russian ships Akademik Pashin, Stoiky, Orekhovo, Zuyevo, submarine Severodvinsk, Krasnodar, Admiral Grigorovich, and the military ships Soobrazitelny and Vladimir Emelyaniv based in the port of Tartus in Syria. This base was expanded to be able to accommodate more Russian ships.
While there was an increase in the activity of Russian military vessels, in the Adriatic there is a strong military presence of Nato where they were carrying out a military exercisèNato Vigilance Neptunes Strikè. In this exercise there were among others the Italian ship ITS Cavour, the Spanish Juan Carlos and the American aircraft carrier USS George W. Bush. In total more than 31 ships, 135 planes and 8.000 soldiers took part.
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Source: medNews