Malta, protests against the privatisation of three state hospitals

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Former Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was the latest target as more protests continued in Malta against the Labour administration following the historic court judgment that annulled the privatisation agreement of three state hospitals which was described as “fraudulent”.
Thursday’s protest was organised by the NGO Repubblika in front of the offices of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. This protest followed another one organised on Wednesday by the Nationalist Opposition when the Nationalist leader Bernard Grech addressed the media in front of one of the state hospitals and entered the building with the media to show how the private company Steward Healthcare failed to invest in the hospital, despite receiving millions from the Maltese government.
In today’s protest, the President of Republika Robert Aquilina declared that the politicians responsible from the deal must face justice and be held criminally and politically responsible. Aquilina remarked that it was unacceptable that no one took responsability for this abuse. “People have a right to know where €400 millions has gone and they have a right to see corrupt politicians go to jail,” he said.
He appealed to the Police Commissioner to take action and warned about the possibility of those involved fleeing from Malta. “The place for all corrupt politicians in prison. Joseph Muscat belongs in prison” said Aquilina while referring to evidence that shows the role played by former Labour ministers Konrad Mizzi, Chris Cardona and, Edward Scicluna, as well as Keith Schembri, the former Chief of Staff at the Office of the Prime Minister.
-photo Repubblika –

Source: medNews