Malta, more anti-corruption protests, Labour losing support

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – More anti-corruption protests are in the offing against the Labour government, as the Nationalist Opposition will be rallying protestors next Thursday to meet in front of the Parliament as the MPs debate an Opposition motion calling on the government to reclaim some €400 million in taxpayer money that was spent on the “corrupt and fraudulent” hospitals deal. The Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech noted that a week had passed since he had asked Prime Minister Robert Abela to sue Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Healthcare to reclaim the money back. During a Labour Party activity, Labour Prime Minister said the government will look into recovering the money given to the private operator as payment for the obligations which have not been honoured.
The Opposition declared that it would insist that the motion it had presented in parliament should be voted upon without amendment on Thursday, and it would back the government on action to recover the funds that had gone into the hospitals’ contract.
The Vitals-Steward hospitals scandal led the Labour Party to register the worst-ever public survey result since 2013, with the gap between the major two parties going down to 2%, or 8,500 votes. The Labour Party’s popularity has plummeted by 7.9% to 30.8%, while the Nationalist Party has seen a rise in trust by 5.6%, up to 28.4%. In February, the gap between the Labour and the Nationalist party stood at 56,400 votes. This means that the Labour party lost nearly eight percentage points, or 48,000 votes, within a month.
-Photo credit Doi Clifton Fenech-

Source: medNews