Malta-Latvia, common European problems on the agenda

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Security in the Mediterranean, migration, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine were on the agenda during a state visit paid by Maltàs President George Vella in Latvia.
In Riga, President George Vella had official talks with the President of Latvia Egils Levits. Both sides discussed common issues, including the 31 years of bilateral relations.
George Vella referred in particular to the common problems within the European continent. “The biggest problem at the moment is the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.
Latvia is a country much closer to the problem than Malta. The Latvians are on the border with Russia. They are much more aware and feel the effect much more than we do, however, it is important to talk to them because when it comes to the common policy on what we are going to do about Russia one must be informed of all these opinions”, declared Vella.
Another meeting was with Latviàs Minister for Foreign Affairs Edgar Rinkevics. They discussed, among others, security in the Mediterranean, and the immigration situation in both countries.
President Vella said that at the top of the agenda was the Russian war in Ukraine, a subject of interest due to the position being taken in this regard due to the violation of international laws, despite Malta being a neutral country. President Vella added that the Russian invasion of Ukraine led to humanitarian abuses. “Although Malta is neutral, it did not remain silent about what is happening in Ukraine”, emphasizing that “Malta did not hesitate to condemn violations of international laws”.

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Source: medNews