Malta, anti-corruption protest against the Labour government

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Opposition in Malta rallied thousands of protestors in Valletta on Sunday late afternoon, the second protest in a week, following a historical court judgment that concluded as “fraudulent” the privatisation process of three state hospitals by the Labour administration.
Following a protest march that started in front of the Office of the Prime Minister, Nationalist party leader Bernard Grech invited the protesters, many of them holding the national flag and anti-corruption messages, to continue their fight against the culture of corruption and impunity that the Labour government is leading with.
The Nationalist Party leader said that the Opposition will remain vigilant and will not stop here. “We will not give in to this blatant abuse, now confirmed by the highest Court of the country.” He appealed for every person to continue to make their voice heard to send a clear message to the Prime Minister to understand that he can no longer do whatever he wants, while he appealed to Robert Abela to open a case against Vitals Global Healthcare and bring back the millions which were stolen from the taxpayers’ money. “Open the case as soon as possible. Until you do this, we will continue our protests in the streets and be a voice for the people because we want a better Malta.”
The main message of the protest was ‘Int Jixraqlek A?jar’ (You Deserve Better) and was led by the Opposition leader. The protest was supported by one of the leading trade unions, however, two unions representing the medical professionals were unable to attend because their statute prohibited them from participating in protests organised by political parties. Though, both unions criticized the hospitals’ concession deal and welcomed the court judgment when last week met the Opposition party leader.

Source: medNews