Libya, Italy to start new system to collect visa applications

TRIPOLI (LIBYA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Italian Embassy in Libya announced a new collaboration initiative with the Italian company Almaviva for the collection of visa applications in Libya. The company will operate from three Libyan cities – Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata.
The Italian Embassy stated “an innovative appointment system will be soon available to secure unequivocal identification of users with facial recognition and advanced biometric security checks.”
Meanwhile, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani confirmed that the Italian governement “is in talks with all parties in Libya, in an effort to achive stability in the country”. In a statement to SkyNews Arabia, Tajani said that “if the situation in Libya stabilises, this will reflect positively on the security of North Africa as a whole, and countries south of the Sahara”.
Tajanìs statements came a day after the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily announced his plan to advance the political process and pave the way for holding Presidential and legislative elections during 2023.

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Source: medNews