Severe storm hits Malta and Gozo

VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Storm Helios continues to batter Malta and Gozo on Thursday as various incidents were reported with the Civil Protection Department issuing a warning for the public to stay indoors.
A person was slightly injured after part of the ceiling at the VIP lounge of Malta International Airport collapsed. A spokesperson for MIA said that this happened because of the strong storm that has gripped the Maltese Islands in recent hours. The Airport advised that the hall is currently closed and that the necessary repairs will be made for the safety of the passengers.
Six cars were severely damaged after a parapet wall collapsed in Gharb, Gozo. No one was injured while members of the Civil Protection were on site to clear the debris.
Easterly gale force winds have seen many people encounter difficulties on roads. A number of roads are experiencing severe flooding while boats have been damaged as the rough seas and gale force winds hit the Maltese coast. This also led to a number of disruptions, including the suspension of voyages from Malta to Gozo.
The gale-force winds and strong seas caused serious flooding in coastal areas with people warned to stay away from these areas.
Due to the bad weather all outdoor activities planned for the feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck today and Friday have been canceled.
Satellite images show the extent of the storm hitting the central Mediterranean with thick clouds covering the whole stretch from Rome all the way down to Malta, with the south of Sicily taking the brunt of the storm.
The Meteorological Office at Malta International Airport has meanwhile issued an Orange warning as the weather is expected to get worse.
– photo by Enry di Giacomo –

Source: medNews