Italy remains the preferred destination for the Maltese

VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The majority of Maltese who travelled abroad during the last three months of last year chose Italy as their most prefered destination. This was confirmed by the National Statistics Office, adding that one out of three people who travelled between last October and December went to Italy.
227,000 traveled to Italy, while the second most popular destination for the Maltese was the United Kingdom, followed by Spain, France and Germany.
More than 180,000 people travelled in the last three months of 2022, almost 57,000 more when compared to October and December of the previous year. Almost 110,000 people traveled on holiday, while around 46,000 people visited their relatives and friends. Almost half of those who travelled were aged between 25 and 44.
The majority of Maltese spent an average of 6.7 nights mainly in hotels and spent over €158 million between them – an average of €881 per person and €58 more when compared to the same months of the previous year.
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Source: medNews