Golden Passport Scheme, Malta grants citizenship to over 1,500 main applicants

VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese government has granted the Maltese citizenship to a total of 1,532 foreign main applicants who have registered under the Individual Investor programme, also known as the Golden Passport Scheme. The amount of applicants registered over a period of eight years, exclude relatives and dependents.
Minister for National Security Byron Camilleri said the citizenship issued to applicants coming from various regions including Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Middle East, the Gulf, Africa, the Oceana and the Caribbean – has generated millions of euros which were invested in various initiatives including social and medical projects.
In 2015, a National Development and Social Fund was established by the Maltese government to administer a percentage of the funds generated through the selling of the Maltese passport.
According to the last financial statements dated to 2020, the National Development and Social Fund received €27.8 million from the passports programme, taking the total amount of proceeds since its inception to €598 million.
The Henley Passport Index for 2022 classified the Maltese passport as the eighth strongest in the world.

Source: medNews