Ukraine war, Maltese authorities appeal for international peace

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – During the exchange of greetings with the Diplomatic Corps, the Maltese authorities appealed for international peace in the wake of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The President of Malta George Vella remarked that the war in Ukraine is bringing new challenges not just in Malta but everywhere. President Vella noted that Malta is committing itself in international fora to push principles of security, sustainability and solidarity.
During the exchange of new year greetings with the Diplomatic Corps at the Grandmaster’s Palace in Valletta, President Vella said that following the pandemic, new challenges have emerged and added how disappointing it is that divergent opinions still exist between nations about the causes and consequences of this war, and praised the Ukrainian people for their fortitude and courage.
The President stressed that the European Union, as a group of countries with the same opinion despite internal differences, has the potential to establish both the tone and substance on the challenges in its region, thus giving direction and influencing the results.
The President assured that Malta will continue to do its utmost in full cooperation with its partners, through conviction and persuasion, by maintaining a transparent agenda guided by the three pillars of Security, Sustainability and Solidarity.
The Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela also greeted the members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Malta, and stated that Malta as a neutral country has to remain strong and show its concerns whenever peace is threatened while working towards peace.
Abela mentioned the diplomatic efforts being carried out in various countries, as well as to Maltàs priorities since it became a member of the United Nations Security Council with effect from this year.
During the exchange of greetings with the Diplomatic Corps, Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela referred to the war in Ukraine and stressed on Maltàs opportunity to contribute to the safeguarding of principles and values in favour of peace.

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Source: medNews