Ghribi (San Donato Group) “Ready to invest in Tunisiàs healthcare”

ROME (ITALPRESS) – Kamel Ghribi, the Vice President of the Group
“San Donato” clinics, said that the group is ready to invest in the Tunisian health sector to contribute in creating “a strong and modern system of health care for all age groups across all the social strata”. This was reported by, the former’s website Tunisian private radio.
Ghribi recently signed partnership treaties with the Egyptian government to invest in health and other sectors of the country. “As a Tunisian and an Arab, I am proud of my origins, and I feel that Egypt is the heart of the Arab world, the gateway to Africa and the bridge between the past and the future, and Tunisia the cradle of history, culture, arts and my homeland; deserves all the support, especially right now”, he said.
Ghribi emphasized the importance of “strengthening the historical ties between the two pillars of the Mediterranean so that both countries can unite to work together and encourage a single future for the North African and the Mediterranean region”.
Ghribi added: “Egypt is in the centre of the Eastern Mediterranean region and Tunisia is the gateway to Africa; the key to Europe and the bridge that connects the north with the south, so that less than an hour’s time separates Europe and the African continents. These serve and can be exploited in a way to make Tunisia a tourist and a medical treatment destination for the European citizen”, said Ghribi. It is “this Arab-Mediterranean cooperation that would be a strong supporter of Mediterranean relations, not only in terms of health, but also on a level of exchange of experience and which the Tunisian workforce enjoys a good reputation on a global level.”
He has also expressed his intention to hire “a good number of Tunisian nurses to employ them with the San Donato hospitals in Italy”.
He clarified “today we are ready to put all our efforts, relationships and all the skills and abilities of our hospital group at the service of the Tunisian and Arab citizens to reach the top levels in the field of care, training and
scientific rehabilitation and overcome the daily challenges that the citizens suffer in the health sector”.

Photo: GKSD

Source: medNews