Malta, Ukrainian soldiers to be fitted with prosthetics

VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – A group of 24 Ukrainian soldiers will be coming to Malta to be fitted with prosthetics after they lost body parts due to the war in their country.
It is estimated that 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers lost part of their body in the war in Ukraine.
The two first soldiers will arrive in Malta during the first days of January. It is expected that two patients will be arriving in Malta every month to undergo the intervention.
Although each prosthetic leg costs around 15,000 euro, the Ukrainians will receive all services free of charge. Two Maltese professionals are working on the form and design, and on the insoles and orthotics. The prosthetoc legs will be fitted by another Maltese-Australian professional.
Each patient is expected to spend four weeks in Malta for rehabilitation and to be able to walk with prostheses.

Source: medNews