Malta, majority against abortion when the woman’s health is not a risk

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – An independent survey commissioned by the Archdiocese of Malta concludes that almost 70 per cent of the respondents have declared their opposition against abortion when a woman’s life is not a risk.
The survey was conducted last November when the Maltese Parliament was debating a draft law presented by the Labour government which add a new amendament that would allow the termination of pregnancy when the woman’s life is not a risk. Yesterday, the Maltese Parliament voted infavour of the bill; 42 govenment MPs voted in favour whie 34 opposition MPs voted against as had vowed to do.
The controversial bill amending Maltàs abortion legislation was approved in its second reading in Parliament on Monday, and is now headed to the committee stage where amendments are expected to be discussed.
According to the survey, 80% of the respondendes are in fabour of a medical intervention which terminates a pregnancy when the woman’s life is in danger. 21% declared that abortion can be a solution to limit the size of the family irrespective of the mother’s health or life is at risk. 58% of the women questioned against 78% of the men said they were against abortion in cases where the woman’s life is not at risk. The survey indicates a significant increase among those over 24 years of age who are against abortion.
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Source: medNews