Migration, NGO accusing AFM of letting a human tragedy to happen

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Armed Forces of Malta are being accused by the international NGO Alarm Phone for turning a blind eye and letting a group of around 80 migrants on board in serious difficulties in Maltàs search and rescue area.
Alarm Phone confirmed that two merchants ship; the Nordic Hamburg vessel ‘Brucè and another vessel ‘Sibì registered in Pakistan waited on site indicated to them by the Maltàs Rescue Coordination Centre but subsequently continued with their respective voyage without providing assistance following orders received by the Armed Forces of Malta.
Alarm Phone added that the migrants in distress informed the NGO that they could see two big ships, but none offered any assistance.
“Before we lost contact 6h ago, they also said that they probably couldn’t make it through the night,” the NGO added ominously on Thursday morning. “We are extremely worried and wonder if the Armed Forces of Malta just let a tragedy unfold before their eyes,” Alarm Phone asked in a Tweet. “Why tell ships to divert course and merely stand-by watching while people are suffering?”

Foto: agenziafotogramma.it


Source: medNews