Mangia breaks the silence “Unfounded and false news”

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Late on Wednesday evening, in a statement to the media through his lawyers, coach Devis Mangia denied the allegations against him. “In light of the reports in the national media, it is my duty to specify that I have never carried out, neither now nor in the past, conduct that damages personal or sexual dignity towards any player or a member of the Federation”. Mangia also stated that “contrary to the reports in the media, these types of behavior were never contested against me by the Federation. These are just unfounded and fake news, which seriously damage my personal dignity and professional reputation”.
In view of this, Mangia and his legal team warned against “the publication of more stories and rumours” while reserving the right to proceed legally against what he referred to as defamatory conduct. Mangia also said that from now on, after clarifying his position through this statement, every other communication will be made in agreement with the MFA, “with respect to the correctness of the professional report between the -both parts.”
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Source: medNews