Malta,American woman requests compensation after she was denied abortion

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – An American woman has filed a Constitutional case against the Maltese health authorties following the decision taken against her last June following her request for an abortion. She was 16 weeks pregnant at the time.
The woman, 38 years old, is insisting that the international laws were breached in her regards by the Maltese health authorities. While she was on a holiday in Malta with her husband, she was admitted to hospital after she was suffering from heavy bleeding. According to medical records, her placenta was becoming detached but the heart of the foetus was still beating and she was refused to terminate the pregnancy although she was about to miscarry.
The woman is stating that Maltese authorites had breached the European Convention of Human Rights and is requesting compensation from the Maltese government. While declaring the pregnancy was planned, the way it developed, her health had been endangered. Prudente is also arguing that the lack of adequate care meant a longer duration to receive the necessary treatment which she described as “inhuman and degrading treatment”.

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Source: medNews