Malta, two Italians accused of causing disturbance a flight from Parma

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Two Italian men were accused on Monday afternoon after causing a disturbance on an incoming passenger Ryanair flight to Malta from Parma last night.
Gianpiero Zanzarelli, 29, and Jacobo Paolazzi, 31, were accused with endangering an aircraft. and the passengers onboard. Zanzarelli was also accused with importing cannabis resin for his own use. The court heard that the men caused a commotion, with the pair allegedly play fighting with each other as well as roughing each other up on the flight.
According to the investigators, Zanzarelli and Paolazzi had been sitting to each other and an argument broke out, and one of the men slapped the other. They were asked to calm down but the Italians ignored the cabin crew’s order. The Maltese authorities were subsequently informed. Zanzarelli told the police that the cannabis found in his bag belonged to him and he used it to help him sleep. Both men pleaded guilty, with Paolazzi was fined €200 while Zanzarelli was fined €600.


Source: medNews