Malta, Eu inspections in the Mediterranean against illegal fishing

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – European Union inspectors, including Maltese inspectors started fishing inspections between an area of 12 and 25 miles, and outside the Maltese territorial water zone to ensure compliance with the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy. During the inspections, checks are carried out in specific areas such as Sicily, for tuna, swordfish and lampuki among others depending from the fishing season. However, certain inspections can be carried out on all countries such as Tunisia and Libya. The EU inspectors left from Malta on board the ‘Lundy Sentinel’ and are expected to deliver inspections in connection with the fishing of lampuki, now that the month of August has begun. Year after year, Maltese fishermen face problems with Tunisians fishing on Maltese nets. Such inspections help to ensure that the law which applies to fishermen coming from EU countries like Malta, will also applies to other countries outside the EU. The European Fisheries Control Agency has the right to issue the necessary reports and to issue fines in respect of those who do not observe the rules. Vessels or boats that are caught breaking the law can be placed on the blacklist if they keep repeating the same violation. The ferry is rented by the European Fisheries Control Agency that carries out inspections on both European and non-European fishing vessels in various seas including the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
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Source: medNews