No obligations for Malta to reach the European gas consumption target

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Malta will be exempted from a European Commission’s regulation that will introduce obligatory reductions of 15% for the use of gas by EU member states to secure the supply emergencies.
The European Commission is urging the EU states to save gas for the winter months following Russian’s decision to reduce supplies and due to the possibility that Russia will cut off the supply to EU countries as a meas of retaliation over the sanctions imposed on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.
The Energy Minister Miriam Dalli argued that Malta is disconnected from the European gas network, and such mandatory reduction would be detrimental for households and businesses. “We stand united together with the rest of the European Union in sending a strong signal of solidarity and cooperation to safeguard our citizens and ensure security of supply. Even though Malta is exempt from a mandatory reduction of 15% in reducing its gas use, we will continue working hard to increase our share of renewables and incentives for businesses and households, to promote a switch to energy efficient operations and renewable energy models”, Dalli said.
Malta is not connected to the European gas network and its use of LNG is exclusively restricted for electricity generation. Malta partially relies on Italy to meet its electricity demand due to the interconnector cable that runs between Malta and Sicily.
– photo Department of Information (DOI) –

Source: medNews