Maltese Parliament approved new controversial IVF bill

LA VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – A new IVF bill was approved by the Maltese Parliament by 66 votes against 3, although it is still unknown whether the new law will be signed by the President of Malta George Vella.
Vella, a doctor by profession, in private have expressed reservations about the new approved amendments and in the past, he declared that he would rather resign than sign a bill legalising abortion. The new law approved by the Maltese Parliament was strongly opposed by anti-abortion campaigners, who objected to the genetic testing of fertilised embryos to screen for nine serious medical conditions.
However, the President of Malta confirmed that the law will be signed, leaving the possibily open that the bill will be signed by the newly-appointed acting president, University of Malta pro-rector, Frank Bezzina.
All government MPs voted in favour of the bill while three Opposition MPs including former Nationalist Leader Adrian Delia voted against the IVF bill that introduces the possibility of pre-implantation genetic testing defying the Nationalist party’s whip. Nationalist Leader Bernard Grech said that altough a number of MPs defied the party whip, he insisted that it was the actual vote that counted. It is still unknown whether the 3 MPs who voted against the new law will face a disciplinary action. A number of Opposition MPs asked to be given a free vote, however this request was declined.
Maltese Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne remarked in Parliament that the Labour government promised to amend the IVF law within the first 100 days of the legislature.
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Source: medNews