The Maltese athorities condemned for not saving 34 migrants

The non-governmental organisation Alarm Phone is appealing to the Maltese authorities to intervene as soon as possible to save 34 migrants who are in distree in the Maltese search and reascue area. The Ngo said the boat was alreday in distress off the Libyan coast, and sought help due to the strong winds and waves. The authorities were informed that the people are at risk of capsizing. Meanwhile, a merchant vessel Berlin Express is reported sailing close to the group of migrants. It was also confirmed that a Frontex aircraft Eagle2 took off from Catania to the position of the vessel, to confirm its position. On Saturday morning, Alarm Phone reported that the people survived the night, however, they could not get on the Berlin Express due to the rough seas, with the NGO condemning the Maltese authorities for not intervening and rescuing the group. (ITALPRESS).

Source: medNews