Malta on top position on LGBT rights for the seventh consecutive year

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – For the seventh consecutive year, the LGBT lobby group ILGA has confirmed Maltàs first place with the maximum score for LBGT rights.
Malta scored 92% in seven crucial areas including law and policies in equality, family rights, legal gender recognition, freedom of expression and asylum rights.
Malta has the most progressive gay rights following the introduction of civil unions, adoption and cohabitation rights for same-sex couples and inclusive education. Gay men are also allowed to donate blood after the National Blood Transfusion Service acquired advanced testing equipment.
However, ILGA called on the Maltese government to invest more in the country’s sexual health service which is under-staffed. In view of the growing number of sexual transmitted diseases, the Malta Gay Rights Movement and HIV Malta have also spoken out against the lack of improvements at Maltàs GU Clinics, despite the Health Ministry’s promise to double personnel by September 2019 and described the situation as “an extremely serious issue”.
ILGA also called on the Maltese government to revamp Maltàs sexual health policy which remains in an uncertain state following timelines to update the outdated document not being met.
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Source: medNews