Malta, Minister ordered investigation following an arrest in Italy

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese Home Affairs Minister ordered an investigation to establish why a former employee at the Malta Gaming Authority was arrested in Italy and not in Malta following a European Warrant Arrest issued by the German authorities on tax evasion. Iosif Galea, 40 was arrested on May 14 during the night in Brindisi on his arrival for a holiday at Cellino San Marco. He was with a group of friends including former Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Muscat said that he did not known that a European Arrest Warrant was issued against Galea who happens to be also the boyfriend of an old friend of the Muscat family. Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri who was answering questions in Parliament put forward by the Nationalist Opposition confirmed that he spoke to the Police Commissioner and was informed that investigations are being carried out. “If there is an indication of wrong doing, the necessary steps will be taken” declared Minister Camilleri.
Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà refused to comment so far on why the police failed to arrest Iosif Galea while in Malta when the European Arrest Warrant was already issued by the German authorities early last year and why he was allowed to travel abroad at least two times without any notice. Although Galea was already arrested by the Italian police, the Maltese police issued a European Arrest Warrant against him on May, 25. He is wanted by the Maltese authorities over an alleged case involving sensitive information leaked tp third parties from the Malta Gaming Authorty.

Source: medNews