Russian invasion of Ukraine, Malta prepared to overcome cyberttacks

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – As Malta is considered by the Russia Federation as one of the “unfriendly” nations following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Maltese Prime Minsiter confirmed that the government is taking all the necessary precautions against cyberattacks.
“Maltàs IT agency is prepared for the eventuality of a cyberattack as the west is bracing itself for such attacks in retaliation to the sanctions imposed on Russia,” the Maltese Premier confirmed. Russia has significant cyber capabilities and the Russian regime has resorted to such attacks in the past.
Meanwhile, the Maltese Prime Minister Abela added that Malta is also preparing itself for the probable food and energy crisis as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
He reassured that Malta is well prepared for the expected increase in international food and energy prices as it had done in previous months to mitigate the increase in gas prices by subsidising utility bills, gas and fuel prices.
Abela also declared that his government will be taking an immediate action against Russian nationals with a Maltese passport on the international sanctions list. “At present no Maltese citizen features on the list,” however he added that “if Russians with a Maltese passport are included on the list Malta can revoke their citizenship.”
Later this week, Robert Abela will be flying to France to attend a summit called by the French presidency of the EU council, with the Labour leader saying that although Malta is in the middle of an electoral campaign “my first priority is to fulfil my duties as prime minister.”

Source: medNews